Bold Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute UK Replica Watches With Black Dials

Almost everyone knows that the first wristwatch that had landed on the moon was Omega Speedmaster, however, few people knows that the first timepiece that entered the space was Breitling Cosmonaute, which was even earlier than the moon landing project. On May 24, 1962, Malcolm Scott Carpenter, the astronaut from America took the Aurora 7 spacecraft to get access into space for the first time, wearing the astronaut watch that Breitling created especially for him, making the Cosmonaute become the first model to completely get rid of the gravity.

The integrated tone of this Breitling is black, exuding a strong masculinity.
Robust UK Copy Breitling Navitimer Watches

Breitling released a new Cosmonaute to celebrate its 60th anniversary of the great event and equip a in-house manufactured calibre B02 in the heart of the model. The main differences between the Breitling imitation watch with black steel case are of the movement and the 24-hour hour markers which were depended on the special conditions in space. Since there’s no earth gravity, the self-winding movement couldn’t work normally, it must be replaced by the manual winding movement. It can’t tell when was night or day in space, so the hour markers on the dial had been designed with 24 hours instead of 12 hours in order not to mistake the time.

The watch has been equipped with a manual winding movement due to the special condition in space.
Breitling Navitimer Replica With Manual Winding Movement

Equipped with calibre B 02, a manual winding movement manufactured by Breitling, Breitling Navitimer fake watch with black rubber strap provides a power reserve of 70 hours. The caseback has been engraved with the pattern of the medal of the plan of Aurora 7 to pay tribute to Malcolm Scott Carpenter.

Classic UK Breitling Navitimer Chronograph Replica Watches With Black Dials

With the development of the aviation industry, pilots need the accurate and reliable instruments to ensure the safety of flight. As early as 1936, Breitling built partnership with the Royal Air Force, becoming its designated supplier and starting in long-term and close cooperation with the field of the international aviation. In 1952, Breitling launched a aircraft chronograph in No.805. Since then, the pilots owned the watch that truly belonged to them.

The Breitling with a big size is stronger and sturdier, entirely enhancing the manliness of the wearers.
46 MM UK Breitling Navitimer Fake Watches

The precise chronograph timepiece had great practicability and reliability. Equipped with the exclusively created circle flight slide rule, the reliable Breitling fake watch has been known as “Aeronautical computer”, which is able to calculate the information whatever the flight need. For this reason, the Breitling Navitimer chronograph is not only popular among the pilots and flying enthusiasts, but also confirmed by the AOPA, being the official timepiece of the association.

The rose gold-black color matching of this model looks noble and classic.
Breitling Replica With Black Rubber Strap

Breitling has release the new Navitimer with brand new appearance, but many people are fond of the old version with classic aesthetics. Breitling Navitimer imitation with rose gold case features a black dial adorned with three sub-dials which are the 12-hour counter, small seconds and 30-minute counter separately setting at 6, 9 ,12 o’clock positions. It offers a function that displays two time zones, which is convenient and essential for pilots, global travelers.

Stylish Breitling Navitimer 1 Replica Watches With Silver Dial For Adventurous UK Men And Women

The new CEO has changed their plan of the launching of big pilots watches, which is aiming to attract the women wearers and the huge marker in Asia to enter into Breitling. Therefore, the new Breitling Navitimer with 38mm of diameter have been created and generates a huge effect. We know the previous models of Breitling were all designed to be more suitable for men with the large size and strong appearance. This elegant copy Breitling has been created with a smaller size which is not only suitable for men with smaller wrist, but also fit the women who pursue the personal character excellently.

The red gold hands, hour markers and logo of Breitling are in a striking contrast to the silver dial.
Copy Breitling With Steel Crown

As for the smallest model of the Navitimer family, the imitation watch with brown leather strap aims to open the door of the new market. The watch features a silver dial which is adorned with red gold hands and hour markers, guaranteeing the optimum legibility. The red pointer and the symbol on the second hand is distinctive and becomes an iconic character of the brand. The date window has been set at 6 o’clock, displaying in a black digit, which is strikingly contrast to the silver background.

The smaller size of this model will fit both men and women well.
38 MM Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches

The red gold case matches the red gold hands well, while the crown and lugs are decorated in stainless steel. Breitling Navitimer fake watch with red gold case has been equipped with calibre B17, a self-winding mechanical movement, providing power reserve of 40 hours. With the ultimate statement of elegance and sophistication, the watch present the spirit of the original Navitimer, attracting both the men and women to follow them.

UK Breitling Navitimer 8 Super 8 With Army Green Dials Replica Watches Appealing To Men

The timepieces designed with green dials become more and more popular in recent years. Rolex has many models in green as well the Panerai. This year Moser&Cie has released a brand new model with green dial while Breitling has launched one too. It is Breitling Navitimer fake with brown NATO leather strap.

The white hands and hour markers set on the green dial ensure the ultra legibility of the watch.
Automatic Breitling Replica Watches

The new wrist watch features a 46mm case while together with its signature bidirectional rotating bezel, the overall diameter of Navitimer Super 8 is 50mm. However, it is very comfortable and suitable for wearers to have it on the wrist even with such a large size. The iconic screw-in crown has been set at the left side, making it special to other ones. The white Arabic numerals hours marker are luminescent, generating an striking contrast to the army green back, making the bold replica watches easy to read in any environment. A red triangle pointer is adjusted by rotating the bezel, making it easy to track rest times.

The distinctive and innovative red triangle pointer could be adjusted by rotating the bezel.
Breitling Navitimer Fake With Titanium Case

Equipped with Calibre B20, a self-winding mechanical movement based on the Tudor Calibre MT5612, the Breitling imitation watch with green dial provides a power reserve of over 70 hours. It is also certified as a Swiss chronometer by COSC, therefore, you will not have to worry about the performance and precision. We all know that passing all the tests successfully from COSC is not easy, we can almost say it is quite difficult. As a model that inherits the tradition of the brand, the Breitling could be regarded as paragon of chronometer, perfectly embodying the spirit of Breitling without any doubt.